Generation Manifestation by Steven Bereznai [ARC Review]

Title: Generation Manifestation

Author: Steven Bereznai

Genre(s): Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Expected Publication: September 14, 2021

ARC provided by: Jambor Publishing in association with Edelweiss

Rating: ★★★★

Also reviewed at: Readerly, Goodreads



The Genetic Wars that turned most of the planet into a wasteland are over. The so-called “dregs” (DNA regulars) and superpowered Supergenics now live separately from each other—the Supergenics in the shiny towers of Jupitar City; the dregs across the river in the squat concrete buildings of the boroughs. But some dreg parents bear Supergenic children; under repressive laws, they must be sent to live with their own kind.


To find these special few, every teen faces Testing Day. When her turn comes, socially isolated Caitlin Feral is determined to Manifest powers like the heroes in the comic book propaganda she loves. If she fails, she faces a lifetime of loneliness and drudgery in the boroughs.

How much is Caitlin willing to sacrifice to be a supergirl?

When she uncovers dark secrets, does she dare start another war to reveal the truth?

And… who will pay the price?

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